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does anyone have that comic where Phoenix and Layton are sitting there and Phoenix’s hair keeps growing horizontaly and Layton’s hat is growing vertically




My anaconda will take whatever it can get at this point


Just wanna say, last night at a party, a black man came up and started grinding on me while I was dancing with my friends.  I moved away from him to the other side of the group and about 5 minutes later, he was doing it again. I asked him to stop and he became very indignant with me saying “What, cause I’m black?” He asked me if I was racist and why I hated black people, but the reality is that I didn’t like a man I didn’t know grinding his dick up against me. Did he stop to consider I don’t care what color you are when you’re invading my personal space? It was very frustrating.   Not everything is about “white people being racist.”

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